Home Brewing School


I will go to England, in May, for an intensive brewing class in Sunderland with the BrewLab. Afterward home brewing classes will be offered in June 2017. The Lost Pint's home brewery, Germination Brauerei und Ratskeller, will offer a 2 day brewing class that will focus on practical brewing. Day 1 will be an intense brewing day using The "Mimimalist Brewing Sysytem" and will include milling grain, mashing, boiling, hopping, and pitching yeast. After fermentation is complete students will return for a 2nd day of learning that will include priming for proper carbonation, bottling, and cellaring. At the conclusion of the 2nd day students will take with them 1 case of beer. More information and details to come... Email: eugene@thelostpint.com



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