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Educational Private Tours of the Hershey/Harrisburg Region - Est. 2016.


The Rockville Bridge - 1905  ---R.W. Johnston, Library of Congress

The Lost Pint in Harrisburg Magazine!

The Lost Pint was featured in the June, 2017 edition of Harrisburg Magazine. The article is written by Jill Gleeson.

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About The Lost Pint
The Lost Pint creates unique learning experiences using beer, wine and history. The tour is conducted in a manner reminiscent of a college classroom. The “Mobile Classroom” nomenclature is meant to conjure imagery of a journey or field trip. Tours are designed to encourage inclusive discourse that is engaging and fun. Experience "The Mobile Classroom" with your own professor and tour guide, in a field trip style beer and wine tour!
How I Got Started


The Lost Pint utilizes my passions and interests to create a product-experience that attracts people looking for a unique travel experience that is no part of the impersonal corporate machine. The Lost Pint is the cumulative destination of my life's work and endeavors, proving, once and for all, that not all those who wonder are lost!
The Ideal Customer


People interested in unique experiences that involve beer, wine, and learning about the Central Pennsylvania region. People that demand the unusual. People wanting to explore. People desiring a field trip to learn about historical elements of the Pennsylvania experience. People that would enjoy refreshing at a local artisan brewery or vineyard.

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Tours available Monday through Saturday by appointment, 6 person minimum.

Warriors Path to Carlisle

Native Americans travelled the Cumberland Valley for seasonal migration, trade with Europeans, and war. Europeans continued this tradition. This tour will follow the Warrior's Path from Harrisburg to Carlisle ending at the US Army Heritage Center. The Army Barracks is depicted here with Native Americans people "enrolled" in classes designed to "civilize" them. Molly Pitcher is buried in the old public graveyard. A microbrewery, on South Street is named after her. The Warriors Path Tour is at least 5 hours: $99.00/person

Historic Pottsville

Pottsville developed around the energy dense anthracite coal veins discovered there in the 1780's. A coal fired forge was constructed in 1790. In 1829, David G. Yuengling, an immigrant from Germany, establishes America's oldest brewery. We will tour Yuengling Brewery and go back in time with a peek at the old fermentation caves under the brewery! This is the home of the infamous Schuylkill County Prison where some of the Mollie Maguires were executed. The Historic Pottsville Tour is at least 6 hours and is $119/person.


“A Lone Grave on the Battlefield of Antietam” – Alexander Gardner (1862)

Civil War History

The Civil War History Tour begins at a local artisan brewery or vineyard, then moves on to the National Civil War Museum, in Harrisburg. You will visit a final brewery or vineyard to reflect on our shared learning experience. Price includes Museum ticket. The tour is at least 4 hours. $109/person.


You will learn about the native inhabitants of this region, before Mr. Harris established his ferry at the banks of the mighty Susquehanna River. Many river crossings dotted the Susquehanna’s east banks; however, it was Harris’ Ferry that was one of the first, and it also opened up the settlement of the Cumberland Valley. We will also talk about the Susquehanna River in terms of its geology and location (Appalachian Trail). We will visit the grounds of Fort Hunter, see the ruins of a canal lock, and visit local craft breweries, a distillery, and/or vineyards.

The Harrisburg Tour is at least 4 hours. $99/person

The Appalachian Trail is 2160 miles long: Maine to Georgia!

Appalachian Trail

This unique tour begins at Fort Hunter where you will learn about regional geology and frontier forts. We will travel north along the Susquehanna River and pass by the famous Dauphin Narrows Statue of Liberty. We will continue north to Peter’s Mountain, along the Susquehanna River. You will hike a very short piece of the famous Appalachian Trail to a scenic overlook. Local lore and history of this famous trail will be discussed. Afterwords, we will have lunch at the historic Doyle Hotel, where thousands of “Through Hikers” have stayed the night. The tour concludes at Zeroday brewery. A “Zeroday” is Appalachian Trail, Through Hiker, vernacular for a day with 0 miles gained.

The Appalachian Trail Tour is at least 5 hours - $99/person

Susquehanna River Valley

siskëwahane - Muddy River (Lenape)


You will learn about the native inhabitants of the Susquehanna River valley, regional geology, British forts, and Pennsylvania’s beer, and wine culture. We will visit a Pennsylvania Canal lock ruins, lime kiln ruins, a local brewery, vineyard and distillery. 

The Susquehanna Valley Tour is at least 5 hours: $109.00/person


Underground Railroad

“Where the great river meets the little river, Follow the drinking gourd.”

You will learn what “follow the drinking gourd” meant to southern slaves looking for a way out of bondage, as well as, other interesting facts about The Underground Railroad and Pennsylvania’s unique historical role. You will also learn about Pennsylvania’s beer and wine culture. The Underground Railroad Tour is at least 5 hours and departs from Harrisburg, PA. This tour will visit a local craft brewery, vineyard and distillery. $99/person

Pennsylvania Wine

You will visit 4 vineyards, and choose between the Upper and Lower Susquehanna Valley Wine Regions. Each region offers beautiful views and great wine. The Pennsylvania Wine Tour takes 4 to 5 hours: $99/person


Experience the Mobile Classroom

Tours available Monday through Saturday by appointment, 6 person minimum. - email: eugene@thelostpint.com

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Frequently Asked Questions


Question: How do I schedule a tour?
Answer: Submit a form request or email (eugene@thelostpint.com) to arrange the details of your personal tour.


Question: Do you take credit cards?

Answer: Yes! I use “Square” Point of Sales to accept most magnetic stripe and chipped credit cards, Android Pay and Apple Pay.


Question: What kind of tour should I expect?
Answer: This is not a tour with an entertainer on a megaphone. This is a field trip focusing on discussion based education on location. This is much more engaging and interesting than listening to someone recite a script.

Question: Where does the tour depart from?

Answer: Pick up and drop off are included with the tour as long as it is within a 15 miles radius of Harrisburg. Pick-up from a hotel, BNB, or private residence, will be determined based on each customers needs.


Question: Is the beer included with the tour price?

Answer: Sometimes there are costs associated with tasting or sampling. Your tour does not include this cost. This almost never happens at a brewery; however, wineries almost always charge for tasting. Some wineries waive the tasting fee if you buy a bottle. Either way this cost will be your responsibility.


Question: May I drink alcoholic beverages in the van?
Answer: No. Pennsylvania Open Container Law prohibits the drinking of Alcoholic beverages while in a motor vehicle.


Question: What type of vehicle will I be touring in?
A: 2016 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, 12 passenger.

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