The Kilpatrick Family

South Dakota


The Kilpatrick family enjoyed the Susquehanna River Valley Tour. The Collins Lock ruins was a particularly interesting stop. To make the day even better, Lancaster Brewing Company gave us an exclusive tasting of a sorghum stout aged in Jamaican Rum barrels!! Mr. Kilpatrick is the Executive Director of the Journey Museum:



Camp Hill Friends



Tattered Flag Brewery and Still Works teamed up with the Middletown Area Historical Society to give us a unique experience with local insight to the old Elks building history. Thanks Tony!



"Board Meeting"



Millworks Brewery offered a behind-the-scenes education on their custom brewing process. Thanks Jeff! New friends from Ohio enjoyed their Harrisburg tour. Thanks Rock and Bob! I had a great time. Also, do not miss the bourbon barrel stout... it is outstanding.

Mike & Maureen



Talk about a perfect tour? Wow. It was a sunny 72° day and I spent this beautiful day with two beautiful people! This was a customized tour that focused on the Susquehanna River. The Canal Lock at Falmouth was fun, and we had a great brewery tour at Millworks. Thanks Jeff!

Cissel Family



The Moo-Duck Brewery gave us a great tour of their unique custom built brewing system. A few Jack Daniels bourbon barrels filled with beer sit waiting for the right time to be released. The vibe was mellow and good. The Cissel family had a great time and are planning another tour!



All About Beer



Kirsten arranged this custom tour that was all about the beer! Spring Gate Vinyards and Brewery was a lively way to enjoy the warm weather.



41st Anniversary



New friends decided to celebrate life with The Lost Pint! 41 years of marriage, congratulations!



"Hotel MacGregor"

(Radium City) Ottowa, Illinois


This fun group enjoyed a personalized tour of Tattered Flag Brewery, guided by Pat Devlin, one of the owners. This tour gave us an exclusive peek into the complexities of making barrel aged, and sour beer. We got to sample beer wort from a group making beer on the Brew-Your-Own system! I learned alot about Radium City history from these folks. It was a great tour...



Living Life



New friends enjoyed their custom Harrisburg tour, and loved seeing inside the old Highspire Whiskey barrel storage facility! Very cool little hidden gem that you can get only with The Lost Pint... Thanks to Rich Lawson, owner of H. A. Hartman & Son Storage.

A really great day...

Mason-Dixon Line

Maryland and Pennsylvania


Friends from both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line enjoyed a tour of Harrisburg.



Ph.D's and MD's

New York


Discourse was diverse and lively with this group of "doctors" from New York. A bachelor celebration in honor of a new life for Evan. This was an interesting visit to the old Highspire Whiskey storehouse. We rode on a vintage Otis elevator that is 94 years old!

Finding Roots



Heading East to find roots in history that bind us together, rather than divide us apart. Great folks, and new friends, from California absolutely loved their Lost Pint tour. We enjoyed a history lesson at Fort Hunter from Jan Johnson of the PA Historical and Museum Commission. They actually found a Susquehannock spear point while we were having an educational discussion with Jan!



Swatara Woods



Great people sharing their lives and friendship with one another. The Miller family enjoyed learning about small town America, as we followed the Susquehanna River southward from Harrisburg to Steelton, Highspire to Falmouth. River towns reveal interesting aspects of the Pennsylvania experience. This journey added new friends to The Lost Pint community. Thank you Josh, Dawn, Marty, Dale, Wick and Lauren! I will be seeing you soon...



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