Enjoy a sampling of The Lost Pint tours from the days when I used to guide tours.

The Killpatrick Family - South Dakota

The Kilpatrick family enjoyed the Susquehanna River Valley Tour. The Collins Lock ruins was a particularly interesting stop. To make the day even better, Lancaster Brewing Company gave us an exclusive tasting of a sorghum stout aged in Jamaican Rum barrels!! Mr. Kilpatrick is the Executive Director of the Journey Museum: journeymuseum.org

Ph.D's and MD's - New York

Discourse was diverse and lively with this group of "doctors" from New York. A bachelor celebration in honor of a new life for Evan. This was an interesting visit to the old Highspire Whiskey storehouse. We rode on a vintage Otis elevator that is 94 years old!

The Rabbit Hole... Iowa & South Dakota

These midwestern ladies had a blast touring the Susquehanna River Valley. They remarked about the colorful fall leaves, stone mansions along Front street, and the distillery warehouse in Highspire. Larson's Meadworks was enlightening. The next tour is already booked for next year... Thanks Jeanne and Michelle!

Underground Railroad - Hawaii

Folks came from far away Hawaii for a tour with The Lost Pint... Randolph Harris guided us through Columbia, Wrightsville and Lancaster to learn about the rich underground railroad history in our area. The peirs in the picture once supported the longest wooden covered bridge in the world. A Wrightsville militia set fire to it to keep Confederate soldiers from crossing into Columbia. We learned much about William Whipper, Thadeus Stevens, and the unique role that our area played during the exodus of Southern slaves and free men to the North.

Finding Roots - California

Heading East to find roots in history that bind us together, rather than divide us apart. Great folks, and new friends, from California absolutely loved their Lost Pint tour. We enjoyed a history lesson at Fort Hunter from Jan Johnson of the PA Historical and Museum Commission. They actually found a Susquehannock spear point while we were having an educational discussion with Jan!

Radium City (Ottowa), Illinois

This fun group enjoyed a personalized tour of Tattered Flag Brewery, guided by Pat Devlin, one of the owners. This tour gave us an exclusive peek into the complexities of making barrel aged, and sour beer. We got to sample beer wort from a group making beer on the Brew-Your-Own system! I learned alot about Radium City history from these folks.

Friends - Virgina

These ladies wanted to celebrate an upcoming wedding. This was not your typical bachelorette party! Their wine tour started out sunny and calm. Then, things got warm and fuzzy with a champagne and whiskey toast! Finally, a snap of fluffy snow turned this tour into a real adventure with snow angels and slippy country roads…

Swatara Woods - Pennsylvania

The great folks from Swatara Woods enjoyed learning about small town America, as we followed the Susquehanna River southward from Harrisburg to Steelton, and Highspire to Falmouth. River towns reveal interesting aspects of the Pennsylvania experience. The photo was taken at the Bull's Head, a traditinal English pub created by a Manchester native! We ended the night with Mead and axe throwing in Lancaster at Medulseld Meadery.

The Old Country - Ireland & Italy

Folks from Ireland and Italy pose by the Rockville Bridge. This is the longest stone arch railroad bridge in the world; about 1 mile long. Sometimes a "teacher" is humbled by his "students." Touring with this group of folks was a powerful reminder that community and friendship is critical to success; I was reminded that risk is inherent with all things in life, and to "walk the walk" is as critical to success as believing in oneself.

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